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3rd FP’s Have Tail to Tell

AGSFP’s 3rd XI made the journey to the scenic Burnett Park in Banchory to play the last Grade 3 match of this sunny summer in drizzle which turned to heavy rain just on 1pm.

The rain stopped  half an hour or so later and the sun came out, but not enough to dazzle the Banchory captain and another toss was lost by Johnston, FP’s fielding. The remainder of the FP’s team were already taking the pitch as the toss was being taken – Sandeep, Siddarth,  Lord, debutant Gubbala, Guru, Diago, Satya, Shriram, wicketkeeper Kingshuk, and very last minute addition Uday.

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Portcullis too strong for FP’s 3rds

The scheduled Grade 3 match between AGSFP’s 3rd XI  and Portcullis originally due to be played at the Duthie Park was changed to the sunny and bright Sheddocksley 1. But at least the rollercoaster wicket which had served the council so well this season had been retired for the summer and replaced with a flatter looking pitch of two halves. From off stump to leg stump there was a perfectly straight line, one half straw coloured, one half a light green colour. The bowlers footholds at one end looked like weeds, the rough area fortunately ending just beyond a full length and the crease markings as usual looked sufficient to last about half the match. The couch grass on the wicket was removed prior to the start  and the Grade 3 match could commence.

But the strange cut pattern also confused the coin and FP’s won the toss and invited Portcullis to bat first.  The team selected by FP’s was Johnston, Sandeep, Lord. J (RHB), Lord. J (RHB,OB), Vishal, Guru, D’Costa, Shriram, Gillies, Norwood, and a surprisingly sprightly after a 43 mile, all night charity walk, wicketkeeper Jim Lee. (The walk the previous weekend, not the previous night. He just hobbled like it was the previous night)

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3rd FP’s Downed by Dunecht at Dusk

AGSFP’s 3rd XI extended cups run, Reid Cup first round defeat, Johnston Rose Bowl first round bye, produced a tough away semi-final against Dunecht.

The previous meeting between the teams a mere 8 days earlier had seen a tight finish, with Dunecht winning by 3 wickets.  Continue reading

3rd XI Schoolboys Tame Record Breaker Whyte

IMG_20130804_001746 Rubislaw, home of AGSFP’s Cricket Club, was not the venue for the historic first Grade 3 match between FP’s 3rd XI and FP’s 2nd XI. That honour fell to Sheddocksley, adopted home ground of the 3rd XI. Just to make 3rd XI feel even more at home, the same dodgy, undulating pitch supplied two weeks previously against 2nd Ellon, was supplied again.

The 3rd XI team selected for this advertised  “grudge match” was as follows, Johnston, Sandeep, Norwood, Aninda, Lord, Guru, Diago, D’Costa, Shriram, wicketkeeper Kingshuk, debutant and secret weapon, Mahesh. The opposition squad, currently keeping the high flying 1st XI on its toes, is far too big to list and the final team selection as named in their match report. Grudge match?  Continue reading

Dunecht’s Merryweather too hot for FP’s

The incredible summer for cricket continued as AGSFP’s 3rd XI travelled very slowly through road works en route to Dunecht for a Grade 3 match. FP’s team selected as follows – Johnston, Sandeep, Aninda, John Lord, Vishal, Guru, Diago Maradona, Jesten D’Costa, Lee (wkt), Rahul, Shriram.

Dunecht in sunshine and blue skies is another great venue to play cricket, the cricket pitch set in the Cowdrey Estate, full of character(s), surrounded by lovely views through the thinned out trees.

Australia have more chances of winning the Ashes than FP’s have of winning a toss, FP’s duly invited to bat first. The wicket looked flat but with a bit of green, the outfield was still damp in places following overnight rain.

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