Lahore knock FPs into Different Time Zone

Lahore Karahi strolled to an impressive 10 wicket win as they easily chased 173 to advance to the final of the Turriff Cup 2020 at the expense of FPs.  Perhaps the bigger story was the complete lack of respect displayed by FPs opponents, who did not turn up until 40 minutes after the scheduled start time and harangued the umpires throughout on various issues.  FPs will feel it was a major chance missed as they started against only 6 men.

FPs named a team of Morrison, Keith, McDonald, Tenneti, Swiergon, Challa, Hameed, Senthil, Davey, Roland Knudson and Vijapur.  Having arrived at 1030 for the scheduled 11pm start, FPs won the toss by default but were sporting enough to play despite Lahore Karahi not feeling the need to turn up till 1140.  They only had 6 men at this stage and had no ball, so had to borrow a ball from FPs, before later complaining about the ball that FPs used to bowl.

FPs did not really take advantage of their opponents lack of numbers, although wides numbered 40.  Slowly but surely other players showed up and it was surprising to see that they were allowed to stroll onto the field and bowl straight away and not have to wait the prescribed time.  Alex Keith made 32 in 24 balls and Tenneti struck 31, but FPs struggled for fluency and could only make 172 for 7 which ought to have been enough to win.

However, some fine strokeplay from Wakas 65* and M Ali 82* ensured Lahore won with 14 balls to spare.  Vijapur bowled well for FPs bowling his 4 overs for 21, but no one else could settle into a line and length and Lahore strolled to victory.  Given the quality both batsmen showed it was more than disappointing to see numerous umpiring calls being questioned, a theme continued from the 1st innings.  Overall though Lahore deserved the win due to their fine batting.

Stoneywood Dyce, Robin Taylor and the groundsmen made sure the ground looked excellent for the day and it was a shame that the game started so late and was played in the manner it was.  It also meant that the 2nd semi final had to be shortened despite both sides being on time for their game.  It was a slightly disappointing end to what had been an enjoyable season.  The only cricket remaining for FPs is their annual trip to the Garscube Charity 6s, where their record has not been exemplary the last few years, with the only success coming in the raffle.



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