Damp good show at Turriff for 3rds

The rainy drive out to Turriff was not very encouraging for AGSFP’s 3rd XI as they had hoped to carry on the good form from the previous weeks. Due to late team changes and some traffic problems, FP’s captain Ian Johnston was late for the toss which had resulted in FP’s batting first.  With heavy drizzle and a dodgy weather forecast, the captains had agreed to reduce the game to 35 overs a side and hopefully ensure both teams would have a bat.

The FP’s line up showed only three survivors of the victory celebrations of the previous week with John Lord, John Youles, Jim Lee, Aly MacDonald, Matt Garratt, Matt Carson, Kingshuk Ghosh (w), Matthew McCaughtrie joining Johnston, Vinod Karmilla and Leston D’Costa.

FP’s opening batsmen found a damp but lively pitch with opening bowler Balment getting  lift from good length straight balls. Youles was keen to take on the lifters and twice hooked the ball off his nose, one delivery for 6 and one for 4. The wet ball also caused a couple of high no balls which were also dealt with.

Turriff skipper Steven Lines opened the bowling but unfortunately after just 4 balls injured a calf muscle and was replaced by I. Doss. The conditions in the middle were getting worse with a cool breeze blowing down the wicket and the match was then cut to 30 overs per side.

Lord was first to be dismissed trying to attack new bowler N. Balment caught driving for 5, FP’s 36 – 1 off 11.3 overs. Lee soon attacked and played a great pick up off his legs to fine leg for 6 runs. Youles continued to hit anything hittable and reached his 50 with his 8th boundary and retired not out 53. MacDonald got off the mark with a good boundary and only the wet grass prevented several more boundaries.

With the match for FP’s by now a glorified 20/20 match and overs running out, both batsmen went for runs and both batsmen generously agreed to retire not out to give their dry teammates some time away from the shelter of the pavilion. Lee retired on 30 (1 x 6, 4 x 4) and MacDonald on 17 (2 x 4).

D’Costa looked to carry on his good form of previous weeks but having scored 8 and batting well, was out caught and bowled by I. Doss, FP’s 143 – 2 off 27.1 overs.

Ghosh, playing his first game of the season, scored a boundary and was bowled, but Garratt made the most of the last over by hitting the limping Lines for three 6’s and a 4 in the last over, the last six a perfect straight drive.

Carson was 0 not out and Garratt 38 not out at the end of the 30th over, FP’s total 172 – 3. Wicket takers for Turriff  N. Balment 8 – 0 – 42 – 2, I. Doss 9 – 1 – 24 – 1.

Turriff had been one man short which soon became two men short when opener Wrigglesworth was hit on the chin while trying to keep out a ball from Karmilla.  First year medical student Ghosh had obviously missed the lecture on cricket ball chin cuts and so the batsman had to leave to find someone who had completed the course.

Schoolboy McCaughtrie, playing his first game of the season, was having problems bowling with a wet ball (rain not blood). After an expensive over McCaughtrie showed good determination to keep going and took a wicket in his next over when the aggressive I. Doss edged a drive and Lord took a good shoulder high catch at slip, Turriff  36 – 1 off 7.3 overs.

Karmilla had yet again bowled well without luck, 6 – 1 – 14 – 0, and it was new bowler MacDonald who struck with his fourth delivery when keeper Ghosh comfortably held on to a skier to dismiss Duncan for 11 (1 x 4), Turriff 56 – 2.

D’Costa replaced McCaughtrie and struck in his second over when Smart provided a comfortable catch for Johnston, Turriff 73 – 3 off 14.4 overs. Turriff had to score quickly but MacDonald was bowling an excellent line and length to frustrate the batsmen. The injured Lings did attack MacDonald, hitting a 4 then a 6 but then MacDonald had his revenge when the batsman hit a catch straight to Johnston, Turriff  103 – 4 off 20 overs.

The younger Turriff batsmen found the FP’s bowling too accurate with MacDonald having Balment out LBW for 7 (1 x 6) and Karmilla finally getting a wicket when substitute wicketkeeper Lee took the catch. Two of the FP’s players had to leave early and Turriff kindly agreed to allow McCaughtrie’s chauffeur Andrew McCaughtrie to be this weeks FP’s debutante.

Turriff ended the match on 124 – 6 off 30 overs, FP’s winning by 48 runs. MacDonald and Karmilla were the pick of the bowlers and D’Costa and Lee the pick of the fielders.

The game was played in good spirit and due to the miserable weather and forecast, both teams were happy to implement new rule (17 h) allowing games to be reduced by multiples of 5 overs.

Man of the Match – Aly MacDonald, batted well and bowled well

Champagne Moment – John Youles hook shot for 6


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