21 Questions with Callum Herd

Literally years after our last round of 21 questions we caught up with Callum one quiet Saturday morning as he was going through his usual professional pre-game preparations …..

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

Age: Externally – 24, Internally – 86, Emotionally – Drained

Occupation: Leasing agent, love a fully furnished flat with gas central heating and double glazing. Must say those 3 things at least 10 times a day. Outwith that, part-functioning alcoholic.

Role in Team: All rounder who can’t score more than 20 and front line spinner with the incapability of pitching 6 balls in the same half of the pitch an over.

Previous Clubs: Aberdeenshire CC twice… less said about that the better, Aberdeen University Cricket Club , Royal Challengers Rubislaw (Back to Back to Back Champions) , AU 2s Indoor (Scottish Champions, undefeated)

Describe Yourself? Wasted talent.

Overused phrases on the cricket pitch? “Batsman you should probably try hit it harder”, “God I could murder a Cisk” “Why do I do this to myself” “Any danger of you catching anything Harry” “Lets see your bald spot Xavi”

Which Person do you admire the most? Clark Cameron, his ability to talk utter nonsense about any given subject is admirable. As well his ability to wear a t-shirt he got free with a cricket bat for a whole holiday. Despite it being covered in spew.

3 People you would invite to your dinner party? Not Karan Anand, Not Karan Anand, Not Karan Anand. I hear him speak about himself enough at training and games.

Favourite Other Sport? Got to be football, everything that goes along with it. Mainly the drinking and the gambling. Nothing quite like checking your betting account after the 3pm’s on a Saturday to see you haven’t won anything, yet again.

Favourite Ground in the Grades? Methlick, every time I’ve played their its either been baking heat or a 7s tournament, and have never lost a grade/cup game there…

Least Favourite Ground in the Grades: Harlaw, brings back haunting memories of having one of the most crippling hangovers of my life, having to captain a team and second top scoring with a score of 6. There were 9 ducks from our team that day. Got to the pub early though.

One Grades Rule That I’d Change? Earlier starts, and shorter games. With the lack of travelling bar 1 or 2 grounds there is no reason to start at 1. Just means you can’t get a Pint til usually the back of 7 or 8. Dependent on who you play…. Also, just play 40 over games. It makes sense.

Most Embarrassing Moments on a Cricket Pitch? There are multiple. The first that comes to mind is falling down a drain at Irvine about 10 minutes before the start. Someone had moved a traffic cone that was covering an open sewer/drain which I proceeded to step backwards into, covering me in god knows what from my foot to my groin. Luckily Geoff was on hand with spare whites and spikes. Rounded off what was a terrible day from start to finish.

The second that comes to mind is being hit for 30 odd in an over the day after Scotland hosted England at Mannofield. I can’t really remember it happening which is a bonus. That game was an all round shambles with someone being given out on the 8th ball of an over that included zero no balls or wides. Hilarious though.

Who would you like to play you in a film? Matthew Lewis who played Neville Longbottom. Probably more the Matthew Lewis from the Harry Potter era as opposed to now. Big heartthrob that he is.

Song that you would walk out to bat to? Vengaboys – Boom Boom Boom

Professional Cricketer Most Like You? In my past physical condition – Samit Patel because chunky boy. Nowadays – Alex Hales

Ultimate Pet Hate? People who are overly intense, generally I zone out and give up listening.

Best Trainer at the Club? Was going to put a joke answer here about Jonners, but it has to be Chris Poolman by a country mile. Every training session he’s there start to finish looking to improve.

Biggest Joker in the Club? Had I got my act together and done this when I was asked last year I would have said Eddie Steinson, shall he Rest in Pieces. But nowadays, it has to be Simon Winstanley, his comic timing and chat on whatsapp are priceless.

Most marked characteristic? Being pretty laid back and chilled on the pitch, until someone tells me to pitch it up, and completely losing any care that I have for life.

Aims with the club? Continue to see progression with the club, and keep playing cricket for as long as I enjoy it. Doing a league and cup double would be the perfect way to sign off on my cricket career. And that has to be the aim for 2020, we have the players and the experience to get us over the line as we did in 2017 for the league. Just need it all to click as it hasn’t quite done this season. More generally, just playing cricket with the boys we have now, some have been my best mates for years like Xavi for example, and I’ve met some great people since joining who put so much into keeping the club going. Myself and Xav hadn’t played cricket together for more than the odd game since school, so for as long as we both keep playing I’ll enjoy it. Then we can walk into the sunset together as he sips a cider, and I have a luke warm cisk.

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