2020 Fixtures

The 1st XI fixtures for 2020 have been announced, FPs will have the 1st week of the season off and start on the 2nd of May away to Knightriders. The 2nd XI and Sunday fixtures will be published once we have them.

1st XI Fixtures

2nd Knightriders (A)
9th Crescent (H)
10th Kelso (A) – CS Challenge Cup 1st Round
16th Bon Accord (A)
23rd Inverurie (H)
24th Galloway or Comrie (A) – CS Challenge Cup 2nd Round*
30th Aberdeen Super Kings (A)
6th Cults (A)
13th Grampian(H)
14th CS Challenge Cup Quarter Final*
20th Gordonians (H)
27th Siyapa (H)
28th CS Challenge Cup Semi-Final*
4th Knightriders (H)
5th Grampian (H) – Aberdeenshire Cup Quarter Final
11th Inverurie (A)
18th Bon Accord (H)
25th Crescent (A)
26th Aberdeen Super Kings or Crescent – Aberdeenshire Cup Semi-Final*
1st Grampian (A)
8th Aberdeen Super Kings (A)
9th CS Challenge Cup Final*
15th Siyapa (A)
22nd Gordonians (A)
23rd Aberdeenshire Cup Final*
29th Cults (H)

* Fixtures marked with an asterisk are contingent on success in earlier rounds.

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