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Golf Day Groupings Announced

Jerry Moir defends his green jacket and Morrison looks to lose his red jacket as the annual Cricket Section golf day takes place at Peterculter this Sunday, 12th October.

Ten cricket members are playing both before and after lunch. Dallas Moir will be disappearing in the afternoon and Ann Hopkin and Chris Clelland will be joining the Texas Scramble. The tee times and groups look like this:

  • 9.31 D. Moir(10), Ferro(14), Eagles(10)
  • 9.38 Morrison(24), MacDonald(24)
  • 9.45 Fraser (14), Stuart(14), Budd(21)
  • 9.52 J. Moir(9), Wilson(14), Hopkin(21)

For the afternoon Scramble teams, based on tradition, equity and Eagles over confidence about his team’s victory are:

  • 14.32 Fraser, Stuart, Morrison (total 52 -> 5.2)
  • 14.39 Clelland(21), MacDonald, Wilson (59-> 5.9)
  • 14.46 Unlucky visitors insinuated between us
  • 14.53 Ferro, Budd, I Hopkin (56-> 5.6)
  • 15.00 A. Hopkin (36), J. Moir, Eagles (55-> 5.5)

All players to have 2 or is it 3 counting drives (for debate at lunch).

FPs ready for Queens X test

FPs today announced an intention to head back to the future as they sensationally named Dallas Moir and Simon Tomkins in their eleven for Saturday. Fan favourite Moir has been mentioned in dispatches for a return but even the most ardent fan never expected they would see the day, whether he can show his form of the 80s remains to be seen, but the Moir twins lining up one more time is sure to excite all concerned within FPS.  Rumours of returns for Rennie, Ferro and Church are presently wide of the mark.

 The team is expected to line up as follows: Jo Lord, Clelland, J Moir, Ja Lord, D Moir, MacDonald, Morrison, R Knudson, Muthu, Eagles, Tomkins