Teams for 5th and 6th August

1st XI v Mannofield (H)

Meet 12.15 at Rubislaw

R Swiergon (c)
K Anand
C Clelland (w)
J Davey

C Herd
A Keith
R Knudson
H Mapplebeck
A Senthil
E Steinson
J Thomson

3rd XI v Turriff (H)

Meet 12.30 at Harlaw

I Johnston (c)
L d’Costa
Q Farhan
G Gardner
F Monnapillai
G Morrison
M McCaughtrie
P Norwood
D Russell (w)
D Selvaraj
A Sood

Development XI v Stoneywood-Dyce (A)

Leave 12.15 from Grammar Club or meet 12.30 at Peoples Park

M Nattrass (c)
J Alexander
K Anand
R Arbuthnott
C Clelland (w)
L d’Costa
I Johnston
A Macdonald
F Monnapillai
D Selveraj
A Sood

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